Dream a Community ~ Build a Community ~ Transform Your World

Carmel Empowerment, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, was formed to improve the economic, social, educational and health conditions in local, national and global communities.   Operating as an independent non-profit organization, Carmel Empowerment serves as a logical outgrowth of the one hundred and twenty two years old religious institution, The Mount Carmel Baptist Church, with a history of dedication to community service.

The Mission of Carmel Empowerment, Inc. seeks to create empowering economic, educational, health, family, leadership and cultural structures and institutions to transform the society and the world.  The goal of the ministry is to create empowering and holistic structures for residents to develop their potential to the fullest thereby making positive contributions to society and the global village.  This will be done by:

  1. Job Training
  2. Employment Counseling
  3. Job Creation
  4. Community Revitalization and Improvement
  1. Summer Enrichment Programs
  2. After School Programs
  3. Mentoring Programs
  1. Conferences & Workshops
  2. HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention Programs
  3. Volunteering with Community Health Organizations to Address the stigmas of HIV/AIDS
  1. Home-based Counseling Services
  2. Parenting Classes & Life Skills
  3. Programs to Curb Juvenile Delinquency
  4. Marriage Empowerment
  5. Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention
  6. Child Abuse & Neglect Workshops
  1. “International Faith Immersion” Program