Deacon Bettie Gentry Executive Assistant

Deacon Bettie L. Gentry is a retired nurse who devotes her time to working for the Lord. As a result of God's tremendous blessings in her life, Deacon Gentry makes an effort to bless someone each day. She currently serves as Chairperson of the Deacons Ministry and Counting Team, and serves as Executive Assistant to the Pastor. Deacon Gentry invests time in assisting to the smooth operations of the church. As Chairperson of the Deacons Ministry, Deacon Gentry ensures that the sick and shut-in disciples are visited and receive Communion each month. She is a volunteer for the Senior Connections and serves as a math Buddy for 3rd graders at Chimborazo Elementary School. Deacon Gentry is always willing to assist any one that calls upon her service. Her favorite motto is ``If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living will not be in vain``.

[ bgentry@themountcarmel.org ]
Deaconess Brenda Carter
Deaconess Brenda Carter Administrative Office Assistant

Deaconess Carter, currently serves as Administrative Office Assistant. She followed her dream as a LPN Pediatric nurse. Wanting to do more steered her passion for others, to work for International Mission Board for over 23 years in the Strategic & Deployment Training Dept. Her loved for her church is eminent, as well as in the community, so much that she ventured on three mission trips, West Indies, Jamaica, Montego Bay, Jamaica and Nassau, Bahamas. She loves singing, reading, writing poetry, short stories, and editorial writings. She published her first works as an author in 2009, “The Dawning of a Brand New Day.” Her strong determination led her to go back and earn three college degrees. She fulfills many roles at church, including: Church Clerk, choir, and numerous ministries. She continues to lead for the Lord, as she lives by Romans 8: 28. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Rev. Sarah Dabney
Rev. Sarah Dabney Minister of Visitation

Rev. Dabney serves as the Minister of Discipleship & Visitation, and Co-teacher of the Adult Women Bible Class at Mount Carmel. She received her B.A., M.S.W., and M. Div. from Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington D.C. Rev. Dabney devoted her Senior Paper to ``Ministering to the Religious and Spiritual Needs of People with Mental Retardation.`` She is the Corresponding Secretary and Historian of the Women United - Richmond Unit and Life member of the Baptist General Convention of Virginia - Division of Women Area A-District A-1, and the United Methodist Women. In Addition, Rev. Dabney is a committed member of the E-76 Emmaus Walk and a certified Disciple Bible Study Instructor.

[ dabney@themountcarmel.org ]
Rev. Juanita B. Armistead
Rev. Juanita B. Armistead Minister of Christian Education

Rev. Armistead was licensed on November 9, 2008 under the preaching and teaching of Pastor Stephen Howard. Rev. Armistead has lead several ministries over the years such as teaching and serving as Superintendent of Sunday School, teaching Saturday Bible Study, Team Leader for the Seniors Ministry, and has served on the Deacons Ministry. In her role as a Deacon, Rev. Armistead also served as Team Leader. She provided leadership training for the Deacons Ministry and was a member of the Deacons Conference of Richmond and Vicinity where she was Chairman of the Education Committee for several years. She has led several training workshops for churches in the Richmond and surrounding counties. Rev. Armistead is a Graduate of the Evans-Smith Institute of Religious Studies at The Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University and a Graduate of John Leland School of Theology. Rev. Armistead continues to serve as the Minister of Christian Education at The Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

[ jarmistead@themountcarmel.org ]
Deaconess Dorothy Sibert
Deaconess Dorothy Sibert Sunday School Superintendent

Deaconess Sibert is a servant soldier in the army for the Lord. As a retired Registered Nurse, Deaconess Sibert serves on the Christian Education Ministry, Ladies Usher Ministry, Drama, and Special Occasion Ministry at Mount Carmel. She is currently serving as the Sunday School Superintendent and has served in the Foreign Missions Ministry. Deaconess Sibert works diligently within the community as a Docent at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; through the Community Consultant & Care Neighborhood program; served as a tutor for Chimborazo Elementary School; and through the Friends of Richmond Public Library. She has a compassionate heart for people, and strives to share God's love with the world.